Student Movers Discounts – How to Make Your Move Easier

Moving to college is a big deal for students. Some are stepping into on-campus dorms, while others will be living in off-campus apartments. No matter how they get there, a college move is often stressful and time-consuming. The good news is that there are a few things students can do to make the experience less painful.

One of the best ways to ease the stress of a college move student movers London Ontario is to ask for help from friends and family members. Offering pizza or other snacks can go a long way in persuading broke college buds to carry boxes. Even if they can’t do the whole job, their help is still appreciated. Just be sure to set clear expectations and have a plan for when they’ll return your stuff.

If you don’t have any family or friends who can pitch in, consider hiring movers. While they’ll cost more than doing it yourself, a professional moving company can save you time and money in the long run. You should also take the time to look for student movers discounts online, as many companies offer deals for new customers.

Another great way to reduce the stress of a college move is to ship your belongings ahead of time. You can find a variety of college shipping services online, including Collegeboxes and U-Pack. The process is simple: you request a storage container, pack and load it, then the company picks up and delivers it to your dorm or apartment. Most companies will also store your container during the summer and deliver it to you when you’re ready to return it.

When packing, try to keep your items light. The more you have to lug around, the harder it will be. It’s a good idea to purchase a dolly or cart, especially if you’re going to be moving up and down stairs or maneuvering through narrow hallways. It will help you save your back and avoid any injuries during the move.

Don’t forget to inspect your new living space before moving in. If you see any damage, filth, broken appliances, or non-working outlets, don’t hesitate to notify the dorm rep or landlord. If you don’t have time to fix the issue right away, make sure to write it down and reference it on move-in day.

A few easy tips can help you minimize the stress of a college move and make it an event to remember. While it’s important to do your research and find the best movers in NYC for you, most of all, have fun! Most people will only relocate to a new home once or twice in their lifetime, so be sure to enjoy the experience and take lots of pictures. And if you need to store your belongings during the summer, Divine Moving and Storage has got you covered with affordable NYC storage services! Contact us today for more information.

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